IVC Filter


Many individuals underwent IVC filter implantation to prevent blood clots from moving into the lungs. IVC filters were designed to stop clots from traveling through the blood streams into the lungs, posing a risk of serious injury. However many people are reported as suffering from adverse effects of the filter such as:


  • Punctured organs or blood vessels
  • Filter migration to another area of the body
  • Filter prongs breaking off
  • Filter tilts inside


Multiple manufacturers of the IVC filters are facing a growing number of lawsuits from people who say the implants are defective. In August 2014, attorneys asked federal judges to centralize the 27 pending lawsuits against Cook Medical into one federal court. Members of this litigation accuse manufacturers of selling a defective device and failing to adequately test, design, or warn about its risks.

If you or someone you loved suffered due to IVC Filters, get a FREE case review today to learn your options! Taking legal action may help you or your family cope with the financial burden that comes with these complications, as well as help you gain access to the best medical care possible medical care for any ongoing issues.